julio 16, 2017


This article is dedicated to all British expats in Europe who are experiencing unfair problems and having their lives disrupted by uncertainty due to the BREXIT vote.

Although it may seem that the dice is cast and there is no solution I personally do not believe so, and here is why.

As a lawyer, I am used to defending difficult cases which seem to have exhausted all legal avenues but I always find the way round.

Here are a few examples:

Puertito de los Molinos-A little village called EL PUERTITO DE LOS MOLINOS, in Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands where the Spanish Government had decided to demolish the whole village. The local lawyers had exhausted all legal possibilities and villagers were about to have their houses demolished. only. But they called me for help and I managed to stop all demolitions, even at the critical moment in when the demolition team and the bulldozers were on their way. Only one proprietor rejected my help as he reckoned he had a good lawyer in Madrid: His house was the only one being demolished.

This event took place in 2007 and local lawyers are still wondering how I managed and which was my method.

-A year later, in December, 2008 I also stopped the demolition of a house owned by humble people in Pontevedra, Galicia, in northern Spain. The local lawyer also said that no solution was possible. I stopped the demolition and the family are still happily living in the house.

-Given that in Spain many proprietors are affected by coastal law, in January 2008 I launched a NATIONAL platform For THOSE AFFECTED BY COASTAL LAW.

I wrote a report on the Spanish government ‘s abuses in the practice of coastal law, and on 01.02.08 I presented a petition before the committee of European Parliament for a complaint against Spain based on this report.

On 26.03.2008 I gave a press conference to international media. THE ECONOMIST and BBC radio were present amongst others. Throughout the month of April 2008 Associated PRESS distributed my work to several newspapers around the world, including New York Times.

In 20.01.2009 I spoke before the petitions committee in the European Parliament. Watch the video here:

As a result, in 26.03.2009 the European Parliament approved a plenary resolution in accordance with my complaint, even requesting changes in Spanish law.

Here are some example of international media reporting my work:



Finally, in 2013 the Spanish government did change the law.

-In 2013 a Scottish oil company called CAIRN ENERGY tryed to install oil drill plataforms in the gulf of Valencia, in a location between Valencia and the Balearic Islands. As the lawyer for the fisheries organizations in the area of Valencia, I organized the defence against the setting up of the oil rink. This included a demonstration, social activism and legal work.

The activists in Ibiza took me as their leader and I published in the above blog the defence writings for the case, and thousands of petitions were signed.

The fight was specially difficult since the Spanish Minister for Industry was sided with CAIRN. Even so in July 2015 the company gave up their plans and retracted.

In 2016, after twelve years of fighting, I obtained the closure of the biggest water treatment station in Spain due to it being harmful to health. I faced many obstacles before obtaining official information and documentation in order to prepare this complaint because public authorities were actively trying to prevent access to the information. However, I still won the case.

Here is a summary of several of my public interventions:

So if you are concerned about the effect of BREXIT on your life I can tell you that this case is close to my heart because my only sister is married a Brit and has lived in the UK for 26 years. Since the referendum, she is unable sleep due to the uncertainty she feels about her future.

After finding out about the conditions under which the referendum was celebrated, I can honestly say that I know exactly and precisely what to do to invalidate it. Naturally, I cannot reveal my methods here but I am totally confident I can achieve a positive result just as I have done in the wrongly-presumed impossible cases named above.

I will, however, say that the key is the POLITICAL PARTIES, ELECTIONS AND REFERENDUMS ACT, 2000.

My method is, of course, based upon conventional legal ways, but also needs media support, such as the setting up of a citizens platform movement.

In order to obtain the correct media support, the complaint should be supported by dozens of thousands of British in the UK and in Europe.
So, if BREXIT is a threat to your happy life in Europe and you have faith in my experience and my know-how in solving the problem, please leave a comment expressing your readiness to form part of a huge collective complaint and send an email to
Thank you,

José Ortega


José Ortega


Derecho de costas marítimas 

Plaza Mariano Benlliure 21, El Puig 

46640 Valencia 

TF 961471097

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