abril 13, 2017



Calblanque’s beach

Many in Cartagena remember that in the early eighties a German society that had bought the land along with the extraordinarily beautiful, surprisingly virgin and pleasantly lonely beaches of Calblanque, attempted to build there a gigantic urbanization.

They will also remember that only with much effort and social protest became possible to stop the sinister initiative that would have ruined the environment, and additionally t the area was declared a regional park, which was supposed to guarantee its definitive protection.

I believe that this was a setback for the company, called Costa Paradiso SA, that which had been set up not long before, it seems that with the sole intention of mounting its disturbing urbanization. It was this fix idea that should have moved them to buy a good collection of rustic plots in the area. There may be those who enjoy investing in a piece of mountain just to tell lizards, but it is unlikely that this is the case of a group dedicated to the tourist business and owner of hotels around the world.

Costa Paradiso had no choice but to resign to managing misery, and their surprising reaction was to lease the old country houses that were included in the land and grouped in the nuclei of Las Cobaticas And La Jordana. It is not that renting properties should cause surprise. The point is that, although the contracts alluded to the rental of houses, their real object was the bundles of boulders and some master wall that formed the ruins of what in the past had been country houses. In fair correspondence, the agreed rent was strikingly modest. The brave ones who dared to sign these contracts needless to say that the next day were crawling with the cement, because it was they, the tenants, who built the houses. Then, at their expense, they brought to both villages the electricity.


Teymour Sammy

One of the most important characters of this story is Teymour Sammy, a genetic cross of Iranian and German and striking example of counterculture, who used to ride on the back of his horse Sandino, sometimes half naked, sometimes covered only with a poncho and still others with a lion tamer jacket like the one worn by John Lennon. Sammy was the strong man of Costa Paradiso. It was he who signed the contracts on the rocks and over time became, even in his extravagance, a good friend of the tenants and a very beloved character that while lived was a dam of contention against any change in the status quo. In fact, he was a neighbor more because he lived in one of the houses.



One day, somebody came to his house and found the door closed. He called but Sammy did not answer. He crossed the facade peering through all the windows until through that of the bedroom he saw that on the bed was a bundle completely covered with green flies. It was Sammy’s dead body. The result of the autopsy was overwhelming: Death by overdose. Great and perhaps foreseeable conclusion considering the character of the dead, except for the small detail without importance that, in saying of who knew him well, Sammy did not take drugs.

A time passed. The neighbors paid the rent in the account of the society and continued with their life. But everything changed a few years ago, with the strange and to my seem inexplicable advent of…







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  1. Antoni Rosique Riudoms said

    Hola! ¿Cómo podría tener acceso al artículo completo de THE HELL OF COSTA PARADISO? La historia me parece apasionante al igual que el lugar. Muchas gracias! Soy persona particular y mi interés en el tema es exclusivamente privado y por interés en el paraje.

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