mayo 25, 2015


Dear Margret Auken:
I am sure that you remember me as the lawyer author the complain against Spain representing the NATIONAL PLATAFORM OF THOSE AFFECTED BY THE COASTAL LAW. This complain was included in your brilliant report (“Auken report”), that was approved by the European Parliament in 26.03.2009. Additionally, may be that you remember a conversation with me in your bureau of Strasbourg in which was present the lawyer of the Greens group as well. 

I am working with the Spanish professional fisheries organizations of Mediterranean, so called “cofradías de pescadores”, and I have to say that this economic sector is suffering very much due to the restrictions of European laws on its activity, starting by de legal definition of artisanal fisheries.

In general I think that it would be good if you accept to come to any Mediterranean port in order to see with your owns eyes how Spanish fishers gain their bread, but in any case we have in this very present moment a problem derived of the following regulation: 
of 20 October 2014
establishing a discard plan for certain small pelagic fisheries in the Mediterranean Sea
This rule establishes that all de captures of immatures should be transported to the port and disembarked. It is just the contrary of the former regulation, in which all the immature fish must be returned to the sea. 

Several problems derive from this, chiefly the generation of a black market of forbidden (immature) fish, and the deprivation of another fishes of eating the immatures returned to the sea, which contributes to maintain life and biodiversity in the seas. But what is a motive of deep preoccupation is our idea that this new rule has been influenced by the fish meal manufacturer lobby only for get huge profits, since the immatures should be disembarked and stored for any purpose except human alimentation. This way nearly the only formula to get some rentability of this merchandise is to convert it into fish meal for marine farms. 

At the same time, these marine farms are a danger for human health because of the following: The overcrowding of fish into the cages causes stress, and this stress causes inefficiency of the immune system. That is the reason why the sea farmers mix the fish meal not only with artificial and potentially toxic substances, as antioxidants and others for preserving the meal of corruption, but specially with antibiotic that can pass to the flesh and then to the humans who consume this farm fish. 

The problem to detect this situation is that, at last last in my country, several ex politicians dedicate to this activity because very high public economic helps are available for its stimulation, and they know very, very well how to move influences in public bureaus in order to get these helps. 

Beside this, I regard unacceptable that the lobby of fish meal can inspire, influence or even dictate de rules of something so serious, important and I suppose democratic as the European Union institutions.

We have no way to fight against these powerful lobbies, save by means of let that EP members as you,who are so reputed by former victories and well done job, know the truth and do something about it.

Please, Mss Auken, interest yourself in the matter. Investigate it a little, disclose the ugly work of the lobbies and help Spanish Mediterranean fishers with the same effectivity that you show in the past helping to those affected by Spanish coastal law and abusive urbanism in Spain. 

Indeed I am at your service in the case that you need more information or even if you decide to come here and see by yourself how Spanish Mediterranean fishers live and work. 

Yours sincerely 




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