The man with one leg and the lawyer homeopath

enero 22, 2012

The man wears a hat and is based on two crutches. I help him to sit laboriously in a lawn chair. As the pirates of the movies, this man has only one leg. The other was amputated at the knee level and instead he wears a prosthesis.
The course of the conversation turns out to be quite clinical and relates to the blood glucose levels, the accumulated fat in the belly and other lamentations which are typical of aged people, until the man says that he is is taking sintron, a medicament to make the blood more fluid. I guess he has a heart disease and I ask him, but he says no. What happens is that he suffers continually thrombus and sintron is prescribed to prevent them. I bite my tongue not to mention the virtues of vitamin E, because I will not be guilty of a stroke. Cardiologists take Vitamin E because it also thins and makes the blood more fluid, but they recommend to their patients drugs of synthesis.
However, I ask a question that never in my life thought I would be so accurate. A very simple and innocent question.
– But do you drink enough water?
Do you know what he answered? He does not drink any. Never. Only occasionally wine. And then I became totally, absolutely and hopelessly stoned, because it is obvious that if you do not drink the blood is transformed into paste and you no longer manufacture thrombi, but barricades.
Not long ago, a doctor conducted an experiment in prisons in Iran. He treated a large number of sick prisoners only with water, forcing them to drink enough, with the result that nearly all recovered from their various and diverse diseases. The complex machinery of the body can not function without water. No blood or lymph is moving, not many messages can reach the neurotransmitters, the cell can receive no instructions.
-You must have the kidneys such as the pot of the Christmas tree -I say, since the inside of the kidney is formed by a very close network of capillaries, that placed on line encompass hundreds of miles. It is illusory to believe that without water the blood may run through these channels and filter and purify waste.
And now comes the big question: What do you think was the reason to amputate the leg to this man? An accident, a surgical complication, an assault by the Russian mafia? It was what you are imagining: their thrombi.
Then you see what is the meaning and purpose of this Article: previous apology for drawing a conclusion without a qualification, I think that he suffered amputation of the leg just because he did not drink water.
I, my friends, do not understand. First I do not understand the man’s attitude, but I indeed do not understand the doctors. Can you imagine what would have happened if the doctor, before wielding the saw had addressed the patient a simple question: Do you drink?



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